Soul Jah Love says dismissed reports that he missed the Cape Town show because he was high on drugs. He said in fact he was sabotaged by event organisers.

“I just want to confirm on the issue of this show that is being talked about on social media of me not performing at the show held in Cape Town on 31 October. I was here on Thursday and I was where my promotors left me, the show was promoted by Madboys Promotions, Hope and his family.

“If you recall, I was supposed to be by myself on the show like in April but because of the Covid-19 pandemic we had to adjust. Now, this is what happened, I could not perform because they came to pick me up at 00:12 and yet the club was supposed to be closed at 00:00.

“So, now because they had Jah Master, Pumacol and Poptain they just wanted to use me to gather people so that they do not pay me back my money. It is not even about the money, the reason why I did not perform is because they miscalculated their times, you know these lockdown regulations that we have to follow.

“They left me at a hotel where they booked for me, I ate and I was doing what they wanted me to do and now the fans think it is my fault.

“People started saying Sauro atanga but hapana zvandatanga, I actually missed my fans like the way I miss my mother, Sithembeni. I would not have come all this way to not perform for my fans.

“These guys are just first time promoters and this was their first show and I have no idea what deal is with these guys because I came this side on Thursday and I have been staying at the hotel that they left me at,” he said.