Bev’s manager, Harpers Mapimhidze is now into mining as COVID-19  has hit the entertainment industry hard.

Harpers has been working in Mudzi for the past three months where he is now employed as the production manager for Bravolands Mine.

“I’m now staying here in Mudzi managing Bravolands Mine where we are extracting gold. I got the job a few months ago after Mr Bravo assessed my capabilities and I am now the operations managing who oversees over 80 employees working here.

“It’s a new challenge that I have embraced and I am really grateful and enjoying my work since most people are grounded on lockdown. I see God’s grace because the majority of my peers are failing to make ends meet during such trying times,” he told H Metro.

“In life there is time when you need to try other things and come out of the comfort zone as was the case with me when I was mainly concentrating on showbiz. This lockdown has also come as a blessing in disguise for me because I have realised that I can do other things besides entertainment consultancy.

“With the current ban on public gatherings still into effect, it will be hard for some of the artists to find their feet again and what we need in such times it to take a risk and try other things in this world.”