This Chitungwiza house was gutted by fire yesterday and more than US$50 000 cash was burnt inside.

The owner of the house, Mr Pamurai said : “When the fire broke out, there were many people at the house, including my mum, wife and some relatives whom l wanted to drive to Chinhoyi.

“When l received a phone call for me to rush home, I thought it was about the journey, only to find the house on fire. I was told that a gas tank had exploded.”

“Surprisingly, the fire is said to have spread from the kitchen to other rooms, but the room where l keep my money is the one which had its roof on fire.

“I had a lot of money. More than US$50 000 and l suspect that someone might have stolen the money and set ablaze the room to cover up their tracks. This is possible as there are a lot of people who frequent the house.”