A Ghanaian in Manchester had £90 000 accidentally transferred into her account. She blew £31 000 of that amount in a day before she was arrested.

After returning a £9 item to a charity shop Comfort Konadu realised she had been transferred a lot more money than expected. It is believed the employee accidentally added five extra zeros to the amount.

The Daily Mail reported Konadu transferred £57,000 into other accounts including the accounts of family members. Only two-thirds of the money was retrieved after officials at the Royal Mencap Society noticed the error.

As it was a human error, the shop will now be liable for the loss. Two employees have been suspended due to the mistake. Konadu admitted to theft and was sentenced to 15 months in prison, suspended for two years.

She is now expected to return the outstanding money which represents 18 months of profit for the charity shop which helps people with learning difficulties.

"Once the money was in there it would have been very obvious to her that money should not have been in her bank account. What followed was a flurry not only to her bank account but to her friends and family's accounts as well.

"The debit went in and was processed on October 11, but it was the weekend and it appears that the money doesn't actually lend till October 14. Thereafter on the same date October 14, all the financial activity takes place. On October 15, remaining £40,000 is frozen quickly and taken back by Barclays Bank," Kate Gaskell prosecuting said.