The gogo who was seen building her own hut has been found in Chiredzi. TellZim News tracked Gogo Patricia Mahinzu Chisare who stays in a resettlement area commonly known as ‘Kuma 3-Hectare’ some few kilometres behind Cottco Depot in Chiredzi.

The old woman’s farm brick and mud hut is almost complete. 

“I was married to Jalisi Maiza of Chijubana village in the Chitepo area of Chipinge South but he died in July 2005. We were blessed with two daughters and a son but one of our daughters is now late,” said Gogo Chisare.

Mbuya Chisare’s only son illegally migrated to South Africa ‘many years ago’ leaving behind a wife and three children and she has since completely lost touch with him. 

She now looks after three grandchildren including a 16-year-old girl who dropped out of school while doing Grade 3. 

She said she worked in the resettlement areas for several years without a salary, but just for food so that she would not starve. Three years ago, she got a piece of land in the Kuma 3-Hectare area where she built a pole and mud hut.

"I have received some food donations from the Church of Christ and it helped a lot. I have not yet managed to get my name registered for the Social Welfare Department’s food assistance programme so we don’t have enough food for most of the time.