A lonely British granny has been left heartbroken after she was conned out of £18,000 by her Ghanaian toyboy lover. 

'I've been a stupid old woman who should know better.I used to laugh at women who fall for these good-looking toy boys from abroad and think how gullible they are. Now I'm one of them' Beth Haining (68) who fell for Rodney Cudjoe, a musician 30 years her junior told the Daily Mail. 

Gran-of-four Beth met hunky Rodney after the pair chatted online in December 2014. She flew to Accra the capital of Ghana, where he proposed to her in front of his friends.  Beth went ahead with the wedding even though her children back home begged her not to. 

But after paying for a spouse visa and lavishing £18,000 of her savings on her new groom and his business ventures, she claimed the gentle, attentive man she'd fallen in love with became sulky, moody and cold when he came to the UK. 

He moaned about the food, the freezing British winters and accused Beth of treating him like a slave when she asked him to paint her living room blue. After rowing non-stop, Beth refused to renew his visa and kicked him out. He then falsely accused the granny of beating him up and cops turned up on her doorstep. But she was not charged.

'He told me I was beautiful and that he loved me, but he lied to me and used me,' said Beth. We had sex in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening - it was at least three times a day every day. 

'But Rodney changed as soon as he came to Britain. He spent more time sleeping on the sofa than he did in my bed. He got a job in a packing factory as I said I didn't have enough money to pay for everything. But he said: 'How can you be broke when you're British?'