Justin Timberlake has reportedly signed an infidelity clause which stipulates that if he cheats, his wife, Jessica Biel will get the majority of their assets and primary custody of the kids.

The singer’s marriage was rocked last November after he was caught on camera getting cozy with his co-star, Alisha Wainwright during a night out. He also ditched his ring during the outing.

Timberlake later apologised to his wife publicly but insisted he did not cheat. They patched things up and went on to have a second child after a secret pregnancy.

To appease his wife's worries, Timberlake reportedly volunteered to write a midterm agreement that includes an infidelity clause, OK! Magazine reports.

"Justin’s pledged that any proven cheating will result in Jessica getting the lion’s share of their assets as well as primary custody of the kids. He’s adamant that he never cheated, but this is another good way of reaffirming his commitment toward her," the source said.