Sandra Ndebele is set to launch her ninth album titled Up the Ladder this week.

The eight-track album has tracks with the legendary Jeys Marabini, Tocky Vibes, Iyasa and Mzoe 7. Oskid and Vukani produced the album which also features Sandy’s daughter, Zinhle.

“Up the Ladder is the celebration of my continued growth, strength, resilience and longevity as an artiste. This has been a progressive journey for me marked by the amazing support and loyalty that I’ve been shown by millions of followers worldwide.

“Ladders are tools we use to get to the top and as with all tools, there is a correct way to use them. You have to go up the ladder carefully, one rung at a time, in order to avoid falling. That’s exactly what this new album represents and embodies.

“Each year in my 20 years in the industry, has been a rung that has led me to the top, culminating in this latest offering,” she told the Chronicle