She told the radio station from Ghana :"Its so difficult to understand the Zimbabwean situation unless you are in Zimbabwe because there is a very big disconnect between  what happens on social media versus whats happening on the ground. If you read social media, you probably think we are in the middle of a war zone, and its like Bagdad but its not like that. 

What happens in Zimbabwe is that social media there are a lot of young people,  a lot of people in the diaspora who have been disgruntled over the years because they had to come of the country for different reasons mainly because the economy has been so terrible for them, they had to leave for other countries that means they had been separated. 

So you find that the population of the people on social media they are more the urban Zimbabweans who have access to internet and have more access to information than the people in the areas. If you are to go to rural Zimbabwe today, they probably tell you that they don’t know anything about the Zimbabwean lives Matter. However I feel that there is a big conversation around human rights that has not been looked into and this the reason why people doing this very thing.