Jailed Martin Gumbura has had his sentence cut by half by the High Court. But Gumbura’s lawyers say the cut is not enough and are set to appeal at the Supreme Court.

Gumbura (63) was jailed effective 40 years following his conviction on four counts of rape.

The High Court, sitting as an Appeals Court, agreed to reduce the sentence by half, finding that the trial court decision was a bit outrageous and unjust.

The defence team comprising Professor Lovemore Madhuku and Advocate Sylvester Hashiti had moved the court to reduce the jail term to 10 years on each count of rape and the counts to run concurrently, so that Gumbura would serve 10 years, which he has already served in terms of the law. 

But Justice Felistus Chatukuta sitting with Justice Pisirayi Kwenda after hearing submissions from both the defence and prosecution counsel reduced the sentence to 25 years, of which five years were suspended on condition of good behaviour.

This now leaves Gumbura with a 20-year jail term, with half of that sentence already served taking into account one-third remission.