Former  Warriors star and manager, Ian Gorowa has trade the dugout for the pulpit.

“Calling is calling, you have to adhere to it. Football is a gift from God and I thank the Lord for that. Preaching the word is something I really enjoy. Life is a journey, but while it is a journey, you must make sure or make an effort to walk that journey on the right path; that is with Jesus.

“So I could say I took the path of Jesus. For the word says (John 14:6) ‘I am the way, the truth and the life’ . . .

“It is an awesome journey and, remember, the Lord uses whatever you have already. Moses was asked by the Lord, ‘what do you have in your hand?’ and he said, ‘I got a stick’, and the Lord said, ‘I will use that to show Pharaoh I have sent you.’

“So what do I have in me? Football, coaching and football skills . . . and football life as a player has helped me immensely to become a pastor,’’ Gorowa told the Sunday Mail.
Gorowa’s former DeMbare and Warriors teammate Tauya Murewa has similarly found a new vocation in church after retiring from the game and opting against coaching or administering the sport.

“Tauya is not involved in football anymore. He left all that when he retired from the game and he is not serving as a doctor neither.

“He chose a different path and that might surprise many, but that is what he decided to do and he is firmly dedicated to his cause.

“He gave his life to serving the Lord and is deeply involved in the ZCC (Zion Christian Church) in South Africa.

“To him, that’s all that matters now, serving this organisation, worshipping and doing work in various capacities for the ZCC.