Two women have stepped forward to claim that Prophet Shepherd Bushiri had raped them. Bushiri is furiously denying the claims.

One of the women who spoke to eTV in an interview that aired on Wednesday evening that :“He insisted on a hug and tried to kiss me. I said no I can’t do this, you’re married. And he said ‘don’t worry about that’. He then touched me here [forehead] and I manifested."
The lady also claimed to have been under “some power that I didn’t even know” when he allegedly took off her clothes and raped her. He allegedly gave her R5,000 afterwards.

The other rape victim however claimed that he was  allegedly asked by the self-proclaimed prophet “to study the bible” at a hotel. She claimed to have found him naked when she got there.

She said :“He asked me to take off my clothes and then told me to turn around. I was shaking and scared. I didn’t know what to do. After that he came on to me and everything happened.”