A Zimbabwean died in the UK of sepsis after his hospital appointment was delayed due to coronavirus.

Stephen Rhobious Gideon Nkathazo Ngubo, who liked to be known as Rhobious, passed away on May 29 after developing sepsis.

Metro reports that he had been diagnosed with pneumonia in early 2020 after struggling with chest pain for several months. The 84-year-old, of Wigan, was given antibiotics following a GP appointment and his health started to improve.

But his family claim that upon returning to hospital for a scan at the end of March, doctors were concerned with the results – but Rhobious was told that there would not be any follow-up appointments for three months due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Rhobious’ daughter, business owner Siqondile Ngubo said: ‘Before Covid-19 he had some chest pain and discomfort and was coughing. ‘There was no information on the CT scan so when we followed up to find out why it was taking so long, he was getting worse.’ Rhobious’ family believe that his life could have been saved if he had been able to get a hospital appointment

After receiving no information about the scan results, and with no follow-up appointment 
booked, Rhobious’ health started to deteriorate. Tragically, Rhobious passed away just three days later.

 Siqondile is inconsolable after the loss of her father, who came to the UK from Zimbabwe in 1969 and was known for helping thousands of Zimbabwean students get scholarships to study at university in the UK. She said: ‘He was a very generous and giving person. He was thoughtful, sharing and business-minded.

Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust said in a statement: ‘Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (WWL) wishes to offer their sincere condolences to Mr Ngubo’s family, and is sorry to hear that they have cause for concern.

‘Mr Ngubo was treated under WWL’s Urology Department at the end of 2019, and referred to the Chest Physicians in February 2020. ‘Following this, Mr Ngubo had a number of investigations, was treated with antibiotics and discharged from the Trust into the care of his GP.

‘Should Mr Ngubo’s family wish for the Trust to investigate their concerns, they can request to do so formally by contacting our PALS service.’ An inquest into Rhobious’s death is due to be opened at Bolton Coroners’ Court.