Struggling Patrick Mkwamba says he sold part of the groceries he received from King 98.

“I had no choice but to sell part of the groceries that I got from King 98’s handlers since I received the stuff in bulk. When King 98‘s people came to Rusape, they did not give me a chance to compile a list of what I wanted and it appears they were concerned about reaching the Z$10000 figure.

“As a result, we ended up buying stuff in bulk and some of the things I realised I would not use anytime soon. I was also afraid that some of the stuff would rot. For instance, they bought a lot of meat for me but I do not have a fridge at home.

“The guys also bought me some fresh and powdered milk that I feared would either rot or expire because the stuff came in bulky.

“Imagine they also bought me 10 pockets of mealie-meal and I only use one 10kg packet of mealie-meal per month and it meant I would be stuck with a truckload of mealie-meal and rice,” he told H Metro.