A Chinhoyi mother was arrested after she thrashed her seven old child with a cooking stick until it broke.

Pamela Chipandu had left the minor in the house on her own and was angered when she got food from a concerned neighbour. The court heard that Chipandu left the minor in the morning and returned in the evening.

Upon return she asked the minor if she had eaten anything and was told she ate rice that had been given to her by their neighbour. She flew into a rage and grabbed a cooking stick which she used to assault the minor her on the hands, buttocks and legs until the stick broke.

She took another cooking stick and continued to assault her before sending the minor to sleep. In the morning Chipandu awakened the minor and started to assault her again with a cooking stick on her hands, buttocks and legs.

The minor was taken to hospital where a medical affidavit revealed that the minor had suffered soft tissue injury.

Chipandu appeared before Chinhoyi Provincial Magistrate, Ranga Rwizi, who jailed but suspended suspended the three years’ jail term.

Chipandu admitted assaulting the minor saying that she wanted to discipline her.