Patricia Majalisa died yesterday, days after taking a concoction.

The late artiste’s spokesperson Oscar Tee yesterday said Majalisa died of liver failure at Helen Joseph’s Hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Oscar Tee said Majalisa who had no children, spoke to him earlier this week, advising him that she was not feeling well. He said she was subsequently taken to hospital on Wednesday night and was supposed to be admitted, but unfortunately, she died before that.

“She told me she drank something to clean her system and she thought she had overdosed as she had a running stomach. I told her to take something to make her feel better and not to worry.

“She thanked me and this morning (Thursday) I got a call (about her death),” said Oscar Tee.

Majalisa’s death comes after her ex-husband and ex-stablemate, Dan Tshanda died of heart failure on January 5 last year.