A Zimbabwean specialist working for the NHS in the UK returned home to find her front door egged.

She said :”We got home  yesterday after visiting my mum with my youngest Manuel  who had been launching his Black Lives Matter range to support his brother stand up for himself only to find a place we call home our safe space egged! Yes, the police are well aware and we have been advised to keep an eye if anything happens again.

This is meant to be a “good area” to live in even after I have flagged this in the past. I’m not shocked because I have seen racism a lot it does not matter how much you think you are sorted because even in the corporate world I have had sweets with the N Word which are illegal country but they where brought into my office with no remorse this is one of many stories. Yes the work place is well aware of this to be fair on their part they took the reasonable steps”

She has written an email to Prime Minister, Boris Johnson and is yet to get a response.