A close associate of President Mnangagwa, Prince Mushininga of Jaji Investments, has flatly denied that he bought test kits from China for US$300 which he then sold to the government for over US$66 000.

Mushininga, who is medical doctor based in Windhoek told the Namibian Sun that  the US$300 which reflects on the DHL waybill was a mistake.

“As you may know, the air waybill is furnished by the manufacturer, in this case, the Chinese company, when they ship the supplies I have bought. I had not noticed that they changed the value, but I can only imagine that my Chinese supplier issued a wrong price on purpose so they would pay less for shipping.

“However, I can guarantee you that I did not buy 4 500 rapid test kits for a mere US$300. I wish it were so! That money does not even begin to cover the cost of shipping all the kits to Zimbabwe,” he said.

Mushininga said that he funds his company, which has been dormant since 2015 with no trace of an income, with his savings and profits from other deals and transactions he had carried out.

“How I fund my company is not really your concern. On the other hand, I will not discuss my commercial margins, i.e. profits or how much I actually paid to the Chinese supplier per unit. This is sensitive information that could harm them if revealed, because their competitors could use it.”

“However, I trust that you understand the basic mechanism of trade; you buy something and then sell it for a higher price, and as long as the buying party agrees to the price you are charging, everyone is happy.”

“In a contract with the government, you always need to be competitive with pricing because others will also be trying to get the contract,” he said.