Popular dancer, Franco Slomo who has been dumped by his wife of seven years says he is struggling to feed his two children at a rented house in Chitungwiza.

“Things have not been well for me over the past year. My wife left me when it got worse and I am not sure why she made that decision. Everyone is struggling at the moment in showbiz.

“My heart bleeds for my son Franco Junior because he wants a mother’s love. He cannot get that love at the moment and everyone in my family is worried about this  situation.

“My mother in Kaitano, Mt Darwin told me to take the children to her, but I cannot travel because of the current situation. My cousin in Bindura also said she wants to assist me, but I do not have money for her bus fare.”

“We last had a show in February and I got assistance from a few promoters before things got hard. I hope it will get well, but at the moment I am facing a hard situation. I have to look after these children on my own. I could be running around to look for alternative ways of income but I have to  look after these children almost every time,” he told The Herald.