Byron Kabaira has confirmed that he is back managing Nutty O after he quit in a huff following the confusion over that past few days.

He explained what happened leading to him quitting.

On the said day, Nutty O performed at the previously mentioned gig which was broadcast live on various social media platforms of the hosts as well as artist platforms including that of MTM stablemate, Jah Prayzah Facebook page.

After an act of what many believed to be sabotage, I dismissed it as ‘just another day’ and was ready to forge ahead with positivity. However, this seemed to have sparked a moment of emotional reaction where Nutty O posted a statement on his personal Facebook timeline suggesting that he was no longer interested in being a part of MTM.

It is on record that he then deleted the post 2 minutes later but screenshots of the post were already in circulation a few minutes later and I only got to learn of all this after people started sending me the screenshot while some were calling to find out if all was well.

I responded that I was only going to answer to this development after talking directly to Nutty O which i managed to do after half an hour as his phone line was engaged because of people also calling him to investigate the issue.

He expressed is disappointment about the way things had happened during his set perfomance and his agitation was enhanced by protracted similar acts of brand belittlement. I understood and asked him if he meant the statement despite bringing it down to which he responded that he was serious.

This was around midnight on the said day as we approached the early hours of Saturday. I chose to let it settle and called him on the morning, afternoon and evening of Saturday to make sure he had finally made up his mind to which he confirmed he had.

I briefed him on how we needed to make an official statement on this and began brainstorming with him on how the delivery was to be made: diplomatic and non-confrontational.

I penned the statement and kept it until 2am when i was sure he had really made up his mind and released it on his official artist page. Meanwhile, I had reached out to Keen Mushapaidze in the afternoon and made it clear that i was contacting him in his capacity as the senior manager within MTM and that I did not want him to discover our statement through social media.

I personally took time to thank him for everything that MTM had done for us as Ability Xtention (ABX). On the morning of Saturday June 6th I called Nutty O and told him that I had released the statement and by that time it was already trending and attracting media attention.

This was followed by his chastisement of the move saying he had wanted to find ‘another way to do this’. I was baffled by this development and maintained that we had agreed but he was of the notion of ‘going to talk to the guys first before anything’as he had already spoken to them on the phone as well.

I dismissed this as perhaps the pursuit of ‘political correctness’ and maintained that we had already agreed on this and in any case I had already observed protocol by contacting Mr. Mushapaidze, a development Nutty O was oblivious of at the time.

Following a protracted back and forth on the phone I allowed him the liberty to distance himself from the statement but on condition that I was resigning as his Manager. I was not willing to be entangled in a state of confusion. An hour later I was shocked to receive a video of him distancing himself from the statement and this was followed by my resignation which I did through a phone call.

The greatest shock followed when a press statement was released on Jah Prayzah Facebook page stating that he had decided to dissolve MTM with immediate effect and all artist contracts terminated.

This was a very trying development as many people turned to me asking me to reverse my decision on the resignation. A few hours later I got a call from Nutty O and we began to discuss all the events as necessitated by the latest events and assured him that I needed some time to reconsider if I could resume work with him. My passion for the ABX and Nutty O brand gave me a hard time thinking about everything that had happened. 

I wish to state that we have been in communication with Nutty O and both decided to iron out whatever differences that may have emanated from the above mentioned events with both parties taking time to accept where we could have gone wrong and especially what needs to be done in order to get back to work and keep chasing after our dreams as guided by the ABX vision.

After all, my job as Manager is simply to grow the brand but in an enabling environment. For now I feel we are ready to continue our journey perhaps just in a different world as the MTM depature is definitely a significant moment in his career.

I wish to thank all who had positive and constructive feedback throughout the course of this dramatic period and would love to say that your support has been a great source of strength.