Miss SA Sasha-Lee Olivier has been left appalled after a newspaper claimed she was pregnant.

In an article headlined “Is she or not?", City Press claimed a recent photo published on Instagram by Central Square Sandton and showing Sasha-Lee sitting at a bar in a yellow dress “had everyone speculating on whether Miss SA Sasha-Lee Laurel Olivier has a bun in the oven”.

The report added: “If it’s true that there is a bun in the oven, it would be the first big scandal to hit SA’s most popular pageant."

Sasha-Lee said : “I know I’m not pregnant. I know who I am. I am comfortable in my skin. It’s not even about weight. It’s about every girl that hasn’t felt comfortable or like she does not fit in. You don’t have to fit in. Just be yourself. That’s all and that’s enough.

“I’m so disappointed in the fact that we’re supposed to be building each other up but we choose to break each other down. I hope this is a teachable moment for every single one of you. You have a responsibility to use your platform to build and lift each other up. Let’s focus on what’s important.”