Makosi, who now lives in the United Arab Emirates says she misses the UK.

“Of course I miss the UK, I wish I was driving down the M25 or down the M40. I miss going to Windsor. When Meghan Markle got married I would have been in Windsor. One day, you never know, I will come back for whatever reason brings me there,” she told Now magazine.

Makosi spoke about her time on Big Brother where she was an iconic contestant.  “The Makosi who went on Big Brother was a free bird. I look at her today and I’m proud she did that for herself. I get teary when I think about it.

On the now famous tub TV moment she said :“It just makes me chuckle – it makes me laugh! I would probably be smarter today, but I look at that 25-year-old Makosi and I think, ‘It was ingenious.’

“I’d probably have a different game plan today, but that’s what worked. I get people trying to shame me or cyber-bully me about it and I think to myself, ‘Big Brother wasn’t brain surgery, so why are we majoring with such a minor thing?’

“It was a gameshow, it had £50,000 at the end of it and each and every housemate had a game plan. Some plans were sillier than others, but my game plan took me right to the end."