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Social commentator Dr Rebecca Chisamba has said that the Stunner and Dyonne drama shows how people are now abusing social media.

"People are now abusing social media by posting every detail of their lives there, there are protocols on how to deal with issues like rape, and Zimbabwe is a country that has a Constitution which spells out how rapists, or suspected rapists are dealt with.

“If there is suspicion, reasonable suspicion that someone has been abused, lets follow the laws put in place, and as we go about trying to seek justice, let us be respectable about it, protect the victim. The alleged victim is a minor who will want to survive after this, Stunner wacho munhuwo who has dignity and is innocent until proven guilty so this matter needs to be dealt with cautiously.

“Social media haitonge nyaya, I don’t understand who told you young people that social media is the judge and jury, sometimes we do things out of anger but posting this issue on social media has very serious implications, the minor in question may not even cope well with how social media will blow the issue out of proportion. It’s her sister’s job to protect her and seek justice on her behalf, this can only be done by taking it to the responsible authorities so that justice can be met,” she told H Metro.