Joana Mamombe, Cecilia Marava and Netsai Chimbira have been released from  hospital.

This was revealed in court as the State prosecutor pushed to seize the MDC trio's passports.

Prosecutor Netsai Mushayabasa told the court that the trio had been released from a private hospital in Waterfalls, Harare, where they were receiving treatment.

Investigating officer in the matter, Mr Hardwork Mazite, told the magistrate that Mamombe, Marava and Chimbira were mobilising resources for their escape.

“On June 2, I received information that accused persons’ intent to abscond from the jurisdiction of the court and resources were being mobilised for them to escape.  They intend to travel outside the country to evade trial. They have since been discharged from hospital,” he said.

But the trio’s lawyer Mr Jeremiah Bamu refuted the claims. “It is not necessary to add this condition (surrendering their passports) since we are in a period of lockdown where one is not able to travel."

Magistrate Guriro in her ruling, ordered the trio to surrender their passports because she said they failed to prove to the court that they were not mobilising resources to escape.