Magi says she is not pregnant as widely believed but just gaining weight during the lockdown.

“It’s Magi not Maggie, for Magirazi. I was born pre-term, at 61 days. My totem is Mhara, call me Maromo. I am not pregnant, but just gaining weight. I love meat. I love chicken.” she told Newsday.

On being in a relationship she said :”I don’t know what I am in. However, dating is not easy, they don’t always get me and what I do and I don’t always trust their motives. I am paranoid. Not the “men-are-trash” kind of paranoia or distrust. No. I have met some really great men.

On whether comedy pays her bills she said :” At first it was not, for almost a year we would just work. It helped that we actually love what we do. Then companies believed in what we were doing. Nash Paints and Jan Jam were the first. Now we have good months and bad months, but I can safely say I am paying my bills through comedy. It’s my full-time gig and it gets better every year.