The father who touched many by pushing his baby in a wheelbarrow while doing menial errands has confirmed that his child was taken away from him. But he is hoping to get his baby back.

“I am forever grateful even to those who called to confirm if the child had been taken away from me by social welfare officials. Everything is under control, we now have a lawyer representing us courtesy of Qoki Ndlovukazi and I know that soon my child will be back home,” said Mr Gumede.

The family’s lawyer, Mr Zibusiso Ncube, said indeed the child was taken to the councillor of the area to facilitate investigations.

“I have since visited the family and have also liaised with Inspector Sibanda from Figtree Police Station to get to the bottom of the matter. When pictures of Mr Gumede and his son started circulating, officials from social welfare reacted and decided to do an investigation as according to them, Luvuyo was under the care of her aunt in Cowdray Park officially,” said Mr Ncube. 

“They have since established that his aunt dumped him and, together, we are working towards getting Gumede a residential stand for him and his other sons who are currently being cared for at a children’s home in Gwanda.”

Chronicle caught up with Mr Gumede yesterday who said at his age he never thought he would be forced to live with a 10-month-old baby all by himself.

“I have finally mastered the art of changing cotton nappies and I am proud to say I have nursed my baby by myself due to circumstances beyond my control. We had registered my wife’s pregnancy at Cyrene Clinic which is about 10km from our house but she never made it there.

“My wife died just after delivering and some elderly women who had come to help her deliver said she bled a lot.”

“MaNkiwane left a huge scar in my life and after all the challenges that we had been through, I have vowed that I would take care of my four sons. The youngest, Luvuyo is somewhat special as he has made me experience fatherhood like never before,” said Mr Gumede.