Comedians Gonyeti and Doc Vikela are set to star in a new movie by Comedy Central, producers of the much-loved Wadiwa Wepa Moyo drama series.

The movie which is titled Organized Crime features a star-studded cast that includes legend Stephen Chigorimbo known for the role John Huni in Studio 263, lead actress Melinda Shumba who rose to fame through her role as Saru in Special Class, Chati Butao who played Godobori in Gringo Troublemaker, Monalisa Tendere and Dillion Mafukidze who played Sis Shami and Biko respectively in Wadiwa Wepa Moyo and comedians Doc Vikela and Gonyeti.

Shot in Harare, Organized Crime is set to hit the small screens by November. One of the producers told The Chronicle that the movie that was shot in three weeks will be an hour long.

“We are now 75 percent done with the post-production and this offering will certainly help people laugh off their miseries. As a brand, we hope to entertain the people and also solidify our position in the film industry because we are here to change the game.

“The production name was driven by the genre of the movie as it was made to sound like a thriller, but in actual fact, it’s not. It’s a fun filled comedy of a street pickpocket Teddie who has to pay back the money he stole from a local tycoon or else his child will be in danger.