Businessman Frank Buyanga has written to President Mnangagwa detailing his custody battle and how he met his baby mama.

“During or about 2008, Mr Lawrence Muteswa approached my offices in Harare to sell his property, namely, 13 Coventry Road, Greystone Park. I transferred the funds (USD) to his Stanbic account, of which he acknowledged receipt.  As a part of the agreement, I allowed Mr Muteswa an option to buy back the property, an option of which he failed to take advantage. 

“Whilst my company was in the process of recovering the property, I received a Facebook request from Ms Chantelle Muteswa stating she had an interest in meeting me. Unbeknown to me at the time, she was the daughter of Mr Muteswa.  I ignored her request for some time. 

“On December 31, 2009, I was invited to a New Year’s Eve gathering by a gentleman referred to as Rimo, in Harare’s Vainona neighbourhood. At the gathering, I was approached by Mr Leeroy Serima who pointed out Chantelle to me. He informed me that she wanted to be introduced and to meet me. This is how Chantelle and I became acquainted, but at the time I did not realise that the real intention of Chantelle was to seek the forgiveness of her family debt and to manipulate me into not proceeding with the recovery of her father’s property.

“As time progressed, I received a friend request on Facebook from Mr Muteswa and upon showing this request to Chantelle, she asked me to ignore it.  Chantelle and I became close, communicating frequently and then began a relationship. 

“Chantelle and I have a child who is currently five years old. Daniel Alexander Sadiqi, was born out of wedlock in South Africa. The access and parental rights in regard to Daniel has been the subject of exhaustive litigation scattered between numerous courts.

“Daniel was born in South Africa, however, Chantelle returned with him to Zimbabwe, where she unlawfully obtained a birth certificate for him and intentionally omitted to register me as the father on the illegally obtained document,” he said.