Popular dancer, Bev Sibanda says she has a new ride – BMWX3. “The car was bought before our wedding, but it is still to get here. The process of its delivery has been made slower because of the lockdown. I am waiting for my ride and I will have it soon.”

While she is enjoying her life, Bev told The Herald that her fellow dancers were struggling. “I feel sorry for my fellow dancers. I think getting married was actually a blessing because I could have been suffering right now. There are no shows for dancers and there is little income for artistes across genres.

“I am a blessed Bev. I could quit dancing forever because I am having a good life, but I am in love with my trade and I will resume shows when everything gets back to normal.

“I am only worried about my weight at the moment because I know I will not last long on stage. Dancing needs serious fitness and that is why

I am looking for a personal fitness trainer. I want to remain fit and be able to get back on stage any day.

“I have already started skipping some meals in order to monitor my weight. The good thing is that I have peace of mind and I am getting the financial support that I need.