Paul Kazingizi, who has worked as a practice manager at a Birmingham hospital, has told The Sunday Mail of the pain and “weird feeling” when he was affected by coronavirus.

“My body was aching, I could not eat and I was feeling extremely cold. My wife would prepare a bath with hot water to a point that I got bruises, but felt nothing.

‘‘I have never felt this way before. I also had to stay on my own for two weeks, staying in the bedroom, using a bucket for all toilet needs. I was very worried and scared and refused to go into hospital fearing for my life.”

As Kazingizi improved, his wife and three other family members were affected by the virus. 
The family feared for the worst but luckily the symptoms passed as mild.

Another Zimbabwean, Rebecca Mlambo buried her husband Guide Gapare who was affectionally known as Mhofu in the company of her 12-year-old son.

“My son was confused. I just cannot believe it that Mhofu is gone.” Mhofu’s case is painful. This gentle soul contracted the virus after consoling his ex-wife following the death of their first daughter, Gillian.