The female driver (40) who ran over and killed journalist, Augustine Moyo (38) in Harare yesterday is likely to be charged with culpable homicide.

“From what has been gathered, there is reasonable suspicion that the suspect wanted to intentionally injure and kill the now deceased. We have established that the two had a heated argument on Monday night, with the now late Moyo standing outside the car on the driver’s side while the female driver was in the driver’s seat and the door was open.

“She drove straight into a tree and rammed the car on the driver’s side resulting in Moyo being trapped between the door and the tree. Indications are that he sustained a broken spinal cord hence our belief that we have a strong case to charge the driver with culpable homicide,” a police source told the Chronicle.

The woman is an employee at a private clinic in Harare. Moyo who lived in Marondera, leaves behind wife Chantelle and three children.