Zodwa says she was in Johannesburg when thieves broke into her Durban house and ransacked it.

She said her boyfriend had gone to his house at the time of the break in. “I do not know what would have happened to me, maybe I would be killed by now if they find me inside.

“These thugs had all the time they needed. I was called by the neighbours early in the morning today, informing me that my house had been broken into. I asked my boyfriend to go check and then open a case with the police because I am far from home. People are hungry. We are still going to suffer because of the Covid-19 and lockdown. I am crying because I am trying to show people that I have a heart too. I do feel pain as a human being,” Zodwa told the Daily Sun.
She said the thieves also took her bakkie that is parked in the yard. “But they failed to drive it and left it halfway instead.”

Zodwa said the thieves left the house in a mess, broken cardboard and clothes were all over the floor of the house. In another video, she said people needed to see her cry the pain out.