A Zimbabwean family in the UK have lost a daughter and her father to the coronavirus. Now their mother is hospital battling the virus.

Gillian Gapare and her father Guide have died within two weeks of each other. Gillian passed away at her home in Cheshire on the morning of April 4.

According to Cheshire Live, Gillian, (24) who suffered from neuropathic pain and lymphedema, tested positive for coronavirus after previously showing symptoms. She was informed by NHS 111 to self-isolate and keep away from her mum Angelina Abigail, 55, and younger sister, Glory, 15.

But her symptoms worsened and she collapsed in her bedroom at the family's Barnton home. Her sister, Glenda, who lives in Manchester, has told Cheshire Live of the devastating moment.

She said: "My little sister Glory was holding Gillian's head up as mum began to do CPR until the paramedics came. But they couldn't get her back. My mum carried on doing CPR even when the paramedics left and the coroner arrived - she was begging them not to take her.

"I spoke to Gillian that morning, she said she was ill but she downplayed it, she was laughing with me on the phone."

Just four days after Gillian had passed away, Angelina became unwell and was taken to Leighton Hospital in Crewe. Glenda believes her mum's symptoms worsened giving her dying daughter CPR.

As their mum entered hospital they learnt that their father, Guide Gapare, 56, who lives in Liverpool, had become extremely unwell and tragically lost his life.
"He died last night (April 20) in hospital, there was nothing we could do," said Glenda.

The sisters have said their father was refused ventilation because he had underlying health conditions.