Marry Mubaiwa says she will never have peace since she knows too much about Zanu PF politics.

“I will never be left to live in peace. It will be a life in and out of jail, or no life at all. My protection has been taken away and if anything happened to me, there would be no witnesses. It could easily be explained away,” she told The Times in an interview.

Marry is accused of trying to murder her husband and other charges including money laundering. She insists that she is innocent.

“I knew nothing of politics and now probably know too much. I’ve been involved at the highest level of the ruling party for a decade and lived through Operation Restore Legacy [the Mugabe ousting]. 

“My husband has many enemies — within his own party, the opposition party and Zimbabweans generally who are facing many challenges now. That makes me feel very vulnerable.”

This month she is appealing to the Supreme Court for custody of the three children she shares with the former army chief: two boys and a girl aged nine, eight and six.

She said that being refused access to them since her arrest in December “has broken my heart open”, adding that she fears “command justice” directed from higher powers will ultimately thwart her efforts.

“It feels like David and Goliath with the state machinery being used against one woman,” she added.

Born into a wealthy family, Marry met her husband a decade ago when they were neighbours in an upmarket suburb of Harare.