Musician Greatman says it was love at first sight when he met Silibaziso Masara in Harare.
“I first saw her in the CBD when I was singing and dismally failed to contain myself and kept on staring at her. I tried to concentrate with my work but I kept on staring at her, it was love at first sight.”

At first, Silibaziso’s relatives were not approving of the relationship between the two.
“My relatives didn’t want me to marry a man with disability, but my parents approved the marriage because they value love and also respect my feelings. I feel secure to be with Greatman, I love him more than words can say,” Silibaziso told The Herald.

“I grew up in Gweru at Warambwa farm where I used to interact with my friends with disabilities, enjoying their company. For my hubby it is out of unconditional love and not something new in my love. That’s why we are happy in our marriage, I love everything about him”, she said.

Greatman said he neither owns a car nor a house and his wife does not mind that at all.

“I don’t have a car and a house, we are renting, but currently paying for a stand in Chiedza East to Morgan mortgage,” he said.