A Zimbabwean is at the centre of family feud following the death of her British rocker husband who was 80 years old.

Ginger Baker died in October, reigniting a rift between his fourth wife, Kudzai (38)and his three children, Nettie, 59, Leda 51, and son Kofi, 50.
They are now at war over the whereabouts of Baker's famous drum kit after his Zimbabwean widow hid it.

Kudzai Baker told the Daily Mail in an interview : 'It was a beautiful funeral service I organised for Ginger, with Kofi saying he was going to play the drums. But I ended up on my own. His three children didn't come, and neither did his sisters Pat and Cheryl. I haven't had any contact with them since the day before the service.'

'I first heard Kofi wanted Ginger's drums the day before the funeral. He phoned a family friend to say 'I have to play them at the service and after the funeral I'm taking them to America'.  My lawyer told me not to take the drums. I've hidden them in different pieces because many people want them.'

Baker's family claim he changed after meeting Kudzai in South Africa in 2006. Baker settled in South Africa and after being swindled out of much of his  fortune, he installed Kudzai Machokoto, 42 years his junior, on his polo ranch.

The couple married in 2010 and moved to Kent the following year so her daughter Lisa could go to £19,000-a-year Kent College.