The treason trial of Job Sikhala has been postponed by the Masvingo High Court to 14 February 2020.

This is after Sikhala,who was represented by Ms Beatrice Mtetwa had made an application for exception  arguing that according to the constitution the accused’s utterances did not constitute a crime.

“We submit that Sikhala meant that he wanted to embark on a war and fight to impeach Mnangagwa through Parliament which is constitutional. The words 'war and fight' do not necessarily mean physical violence.

“Saying ED will go before 2023 is not criminal because the Constitution provides for various ways by which a President can be removed. Two years ago, we saw the removal of Mugabe and this same court declared the move legal. Nowhere in Sikhala's statements is it suggested how ED will go before 2023"

But the State said it had a solid case against Sikhala. Sikhala meant he wanted to stage a coup and was not joking.