The latest factional wars have been triggered by the fight for control of the country’s fuel industry, according to Christopher Mutsvangwa.

He told the Standard that the Tagwirei cartels thought they were in charge of the government.

“From being at the top in 2017, they are now sliding down a greasy pole that is why Trafigura is running for the exit because the cartel was saying do whatever you want, we have the executive powers in the country.

“They were saying they run Munhumutapa Building (Mnangagwa’s office), we run the Ministry of Finance, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, all the ministries as you know are at their command and they say all the enabling ministries are at their command.”

“Typical of all monopolies, the Sakunda cartel has engendered the ire of a phalanx of enemies. There is the outrage of Zanu PF youths and their stolen prospects of a better future, jealous of peer global fuel traders.

Mutsvangwa, however, refused to reveal the names of Zanu PF officials that were advancing the interests of the alleged cartels.

“I leave that to you. What I know is the historical aspect of these cartels. They had political support in 2017 and now there can’t be a vacuum,” he added. Three Zanu PF Youth League top officials have been suspended for aiming fire at Tagwirei.