Ginimbi, was yesterday arrested for manufacturing an invoice for his new Bentley, his lawyer, Jonathan Samkange confirmed.

He handed himself over to the police Anti-Corruption Unit, days after burying his mother. He is expected in court today.

“Yes, my client has been arrested and detained by the police CID Anti-Corruption Unit for fraud after they suspected that his Bentley vehicle was undervalued to misrepresent on the payment of duty,” he told Newsday.

Samkange said the allegations are that on December 22 last year, Kadungure connived with a clearing agent and manufactured a purchase invoice which they tendered to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra). Kadungure allegedly undervalued the cost of the vehicle so that he pays less duty.

The businessman was last year ordered to pay an additional US$58 655,09 duty on top of another US$81 469 already paid to Zimra for his recently imported Bentley Continental GT vehicle.
Last week, Kadungure shared on his Instagram account a video of himself buying a two-seater Ferrari 488 Spider sports car for US$350 000.