The brilliant Zimbabwean student who could not afford to go to university has this week successfully registered at Wits University.

Last week GroundUp reported how Triphin Mudzvengi, who matriculated in North West Province with seven distinctions, is not eligible for National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) funding because she is Zimbabwean. Her parents are part-time workers who could not raise the nearly R150,000 needed to study Mechanical Engineering at Wits this year.

With the help of well-wishers who paid for her tuition fees she successfully enrolled for mechanical engineering. Wits also gave her a top-performer discount of R15,000.

Mudzvengi came from Zimbabwe with her parents in 2010 when she was in grade three. Her father is a part-time bricklayer while her mother is a domestic worker.

Polate Mudzvengi, Triphin’s father, thanked people who came to the aid of his daughter. “The amount raised by well-wishers was enough to pay for this year. I am delighted that her dream of going to university has been realised. We believe that she will continue to perform well and ultimately get a bursary for the entire four years.”

“We are still struggling with getting textbooks,” said Polate.