Mai Titi who says she has found love with a young upcoming Gweru musician, Blessed Zingwe has revealed why she dumped her UK based white man.

She said it had to do with his love for her children. “My heart will not fail me on Zizoe and he loves my children a thing I failed to get from that white man I refused to get married to,” she told H Metro.

Zizoe is fully aware of my age and status. He has won my heart and I have followed my heart too and we will be separated with death. I can’t wait.

“My relationship with Zizoe started when he called for help in his music and I later discovered that I had already charmed him and he had assured his family that he wanted to take me as his wife.

“I laughed at it but I failed to resist his love and we fell in love mmmmmm rudo rwasimba uye harusi rudo rwakapusa, rwakakotsira kana rwekufadzana saka before November tinenge tachata uye kunogona kuita kurekure.