An 80 year-old British granny is set to wed her 35-year-old Egyptian toyboy despite fierce opposition from her family.

Iris Jones met jobless Mohamed Ahmed Irbriham on Facebook and flew to Egypt last November to meet him.

She insists he is with her for love and nothing else : “If he’s marrying me for my fortune he’ll be sadly disappointed because I live on a pension. I don’t suffer fools gladly. I’m honest and I’m truthful and I told him straight away he couldn’t be a freeloader.

“In Egypt we were quite frivolous, going out to the best restaurants all the time and we split everything 50/50. He’s even said he’ll sign a pre-nup because it’s me he wants – not my house.

She spoke of the time they made love. “It was incredible. I felt like a virgin again. It wasn’t easy but it was very loving and romantic. My ex-husband said I was frigid when we divorced 40 years ago but I now know I’m certainly not.”

Ahmed : “This is not about money. Money is not everything. It cannot buy you happiness. Love has no age and knows no limits. Iris and I found we understood each other well and felt the tenderness. I do not care about anyone’s opinion – only what feels good to me.