A school headmaster has been fined by a chief for keeping his two wives waiting at the school while he held a meeting.

Kafura High head, Francis Mukwena was fined $45 by Chief Chitsungo of Mashonaland East for keeping his  two wives, Miriam Kagova and Tarisai Chakaipa waiting. They had come to the school to discuss disciplinary issues concerning their son who is a Form 4 student and is in the habit of beating up other pupils.

Mukwena confirmed the case in a telephone interview with The Masvingo Mirror and said the incident has struck fear in the teachers and they can no longer work freely.

Chitsungo summoned Mukwena to appear at his court last Thursday and he charged him with undermining the chief and his two wives by inviting the two to the meeting and keeping them waiting.

He also accused Mukwena of belittling him by asking to talk to the chief personally over his son’s misdemeanours.

Mukwena was found guilty and asked to pay $45 fine. Chief Chitsungo confirmed the case and said it was dealt with by his chief aide, Paradzai Maurukira. He said that the head actually signed papers admitting that he was guilty.

Chitsungo said his first wife went to the school in the morning but only managed to see the head at five in the evening.