Enzo who had a tough 2019 is set to turn a new page this year as he is set to leave Chillspot Records.

He had a disastrous dalliance with Prophet Passion Java last year and some were beginning to write him off. But the Mangoma depot producer, Levelz denied that Enzo was jumping ship. “That is not true, but we are planning on signing Enzo Ishall with one of the biggest labels in the music industry.

“The deal is to be finalised on Tuesday (tomorrow). He is working with Chillspot and he will continue to work with us even when the deal goes through. At Chillspot Records, our job is to record, manage, promote, nurture and develop ghetto youths.

Levelz said there are some music giants in this industry who are recognised internationally who approached them wanting to work with Enzo at international level. We do not have capacity to pay some of the biggest collaborations that our artistes would want, so if a company approaches us and wants to sign our musicians we will agree and give them a chance.

When the deal is finalised we will let you know of the terms but we will continue working with him,” he told The Herald.