Lyn Magodo aka Eriza says she nearly died after a booze bender. “I almost died on New Year’s Day after bingeing with my husband and relatives during the festive season. I was so excited after meeting my relatives that we partied excessively and it did not end well for me.

“The situation was bad when I was admitted, ndaichaya zvisingaite nekuti nyonó yacho yanga yandibata rough. When I used the wheel-chair, I wanted to jump the queue contrary to claims that I could hardly walk.

“As I said earlier on, I had a running stomach and I didn’t want to soil myself by walking since the condition was bad. I’m glad that I have recovered and I don’t think I will taste alcohol again.

“For the greater part of the festive season, we hopped from pub to pub and ended up at Mashwede on New Year’s Eve where I downed whisky tots and ciders along with my husband Mukanya and other relatives.

“I was just partying like anyone else but from today onwards, I don’t want to see booze; I don’t know when I will take alcohol again because I have learnt a lesson,” she told H Metro