Musician Andy Muridzo was yesterday attacked in Waterfalls when he was found relaxing with a married woman.

He told H Metro that he was not aware that the woman, Itai Dhladhla (31) was married to Lenon Zaranyika. Andy was at the house with one Simba and a female friend, Queen. Andy said Zaranyika threatened him with a gun.

"I was caught unaware and severly beaten. I thought of fighting back nekuti ummm zvibhakera zvandarohwa zvanga zvichirwadza. To be honest with you I was not aware that this woman was married and we were about to have some drinks with friends.

"I am not in love with his wife, Queen is the one I am in love with and I do not know why she ran away leaving me exposed and unable to justify my relationship with her.
Itai confirmed cheating saying her husband has been denying her conjugal rights. She has more than one lover to meet her needs.

Zaranyika said : We have been legally married for nine years and due to her shenanigans I resolved to deny her conjugal rights she is talking about and looked for alternative accommodation."