An elderly woman has fled her home and marriage after her husband harassed and insulted her for cooking vegetables instead of meat.

Agnes Sibanda filed for divorce after 50 years saying she can no longer live with husband Dail Sibanda. B Metro reports that the estranged couple got married on 6 December 1969 and have eight children and 25 grandchildren.

“Upon returning home he began insulting me for making vegetables only and instructed me to prepare a fresh meal with meat. I made the said meal but he continued to insult me and threaten me.

“I was so afraid of what he might do to me that I ran away from our house in the night and had to ask a neighbour to sleep at her house. The following day I reported the incident at Mzilikazi Police Station and asked them to accompany me to collect my clothes as I no longer want to continue living with him for the sake of my sanity and happiness.

“I advised him that I no longer intended on living with him or being his wife and asked him not to communicate with me. I have since filed for a divorce but he continues to call me and has even followed me to where I’m currently living”.

But Sibanda denied all the allegations. The magistrate referred them for counselling as they go through the divorce.