The twins who married the same man in a traditional wedding in 2011 have dumped him saying he was abusive.
Twins Owami and Olwethu decided that they had had enough of Mzukiseni. 
The twins revealed to Daily Sun they have been separated for five months and had been sleeping in separate rooms. But in October Mzazi moved out, leaving them with their two daughters, who are both seven. A reality show that was supposed to start in January never happened. 
“So much has happened in our lives, but we’ve been hiding it,” said Owami. 
“We didn’t speak about the abuse because our husband would apologise and we’d forgive him. We only spoke to our family.”
Olwethu said: “He used to beat us. He poured diesel over the house but couldn’t find matches. 
“If he had we’d be dead today. We fear he might end up doing something bad to us.” 
Owami said: “Some people found this strange but we didn’t have a problem with marrying the same man.”