Mebo hitmaker, Obert Chari stands accused of bedding a married congregant at the Zion Christian Church.

Kudakwashe Muzanhi said he stumbled on steamy WhatsApp messages between his wife Yeukai Muzinda and Chari which confirmed a fling. Muzanhi stays with his wife in South Africa. When Chari was in South Africa recently, he wanted Muzinda to accompany him to Pretoria to see one of his sponsors.

Muzinda also invited Chari to come to her house saying it was “very” safe since her 
husband was at work.

When Muzanhi confronted his wife about the messages she spilled the beans saying Chari was the one pestering her.

A devastated Muzanhi confirmed to B-Metro that the Mebo hitmaker indeed used his celebrity profile to date his wife.

“It’s been devastating,” he said. “What happened is that Chari as a singer from our church I have been supporting him a lot until the day I discovered that he was dating my wife. They met sometime this year in Chegutu during a church conference when my wife approached him wanting to buy his CDs.

Since the CDs were finished, Chari then requested her number saying he was going to send her the songs she likes when he got home,” said Muzanhi. He said instead of sending the songs, Chari started proposing love to his wife before they later hooked up on 8 November in South Africa during another church conference.

“When I confronted him, instead of apologising, he vehemently denied that he was dating my wife. He insisted that my wife was just one of his fans before he blocked me. 

“When I contacted him with a different number, he annoyed me when he bragged that he was fond of bedding married women adding that I was a bit lucky that he didn’t get enough time to be with my wife otherwise he would have slept with her.”

Although Muzinda could not be reached for comment, she however, confirmed her illicit relationship with Chari in leaked audio recordings obtained by B-Metro which she sent to Chari while passionately begging him to apologise to her husband.

She even threatened to reveal “intimate” details of their illicit relationship if Chari refused to apologise to her husband.

“Instead of apologising to my husband you are worsening the situation by going around telling my relatives that I’m the one who coerced you into the relationship.

“Remember, I once begged you to do away with the relationship and you refused insisting that we were going to play it safe. I have since apologised to my husband and you should also do the same instead of constantly blaming me as the one who forced you into the illicit relationship.

“Let me warn you that if you don’t apologise, you are making your life difficult since I am also going to reveal your stinging bedroom issues which you divulged to me,” chillingly warned Muzinda.

She further warned that if Chari remained adamant, she was prepared to “dump” her husband and elope to him. 

When reached for comment Chari strongly denied that there was anything untoward that had been going on between him and Muzinda.