A mother says she has been left confused as her 21-year-old son was sexually attracted to her calling her his yellow bone.

Sikhangezile Mlotshwa from Bulawayo’s Nketa 9 suburb has now dragged her son, Samuel to court seeking a protection order.

“I don’t want him in the house as he is always drunk. He always admires me saying I am a “yellow bone” and I fear that he might rape me. It is a taboo in our culture that a son is sexually attracted to his mother.

“On 23 October he came to my house where he was welcomed by his younger brothers aged 16 and 18. When I later arrived, he told me that he was not going anywhere while declaring that he was going to forcibly stay with me.

“He started insulting me with unprintable words saying I hate him because he was dark in complexion. He even threatened to beat me up. As a result of his violent behaviour I don’t want him to come to my house as he is also into drugs,” declared Sikhangezile.

B Metro reports that Samuel blamed his uncouth behaviour on his family’s church.

“We used to go to a church called End Time Messages and at that church we were restricted from watching television and I was always confined in the house with nothing to do and I think that caused me to be unruly.

“She is my biological mother but she has been harsh to me. I have never abused her as she has claimed. Whenever we had a misunderstanding, I would be telling her the truth that she hates me. 

“I once moved out to stay on my now but now life is difficult for me that’s why I decided to come back home. I had nowhere to go since my mother was always restraining me from visiting our relatives,” responded Samuel.
In his ruling the presiding magistrate Lesigo Ngwenya ordered Samuel to vacate his mother’s place and not to verbally and physically abuse her.